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FOOTHILLS LIVING Magazine Grows Your Business Through

The Power of Connection!

Connecting neighbors with each other


We turn our neighborhoods throughout the Foothills into a community by producing a customized publication, filled with news and special events that take place throughout the month.


Connecting businesses with customers


We connect businesses with some of the most affluent and influential homeowners in Ahwatukee Foothills.


Connecting you with opportunity


We can open the door to a prosperous future for our local business owners through expanding your book of business and deepening your relationships, both personal and business.

Foothills Living provides advertising that hits your target here in the beautiful Ahwatukee Foothills community (85045, 85048, 85044).

How do you reach the best, most affluent prospects with your advertising message? How can you be assured that your ad will be seen, or even better, viewed over and over again? Very few publications, if any, can offer such a targeted audience and long shelf life. Far from junk mail, these publications often become keepsakes and are shared among family members and friends. 

GROW YOUR BUSINESS              

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